How to Bring Home a Used Car

How to Bring Home a Used Car

Why you MUST Do a HPI Check on a Car Before You Buy ItYour thinking of buying  a secondhand car, but unsure of how to transport it back home,

Don’t fret! We are here to give you the low down on your options and then by the end of this article, you will probably have a good idea of what to do next.

There are a few options which you can use which we will go into a little more detail below

So How do you bring home a used car?

The most common method is to get insured immediately before you drive away, however temporary insurance services, hiring a local tow truck or a vehicle transportation company to deliver your car to you are all viable options.

Let’s dive a little more into each of these.

Drive it Home Yourself

We have to say this is perhaps our most preferred method, it allows you the opportunity to go and see the car yourself and enjoy the experience of driving your new purchase back home. The obvious drawbacks to this are scheduling a convenient time to do this, depending on where you are going can take the majority of the day. We have travelled pretty much all around the UK and found this method to the most cost-effective and fun method.

Be sure to check out our awesome article on how we purchased and transported a car from Northern Ireland back to England.

DO NOT under any circumstances be tempted to drive the car uninsured and un-taxed back home, there is still a large number of ANPR cameras and unmarked Police cars patrolling the motorways, getting caught doing this is just not worth the risk in any circumstance not mention its illegal.

Penalties For Uninsured Drivers:

The police could give you a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points if you’re caught driving a vehicle you’re not insured to drive.

If the case goes to court you could get:

1. What Do to Instead

Get quotes for the car you are going to purchase beforehand, the best method is to get quotes for the car you want to purchase via comparison sites such as or, don’t take out the Policy just yet. Instead, make a note of the reference number for the best quote.

Once the deal is complete and BEFORE driving away all it will require is a phone call to the insurance company, provide them with the reference number for the quote and make the payment for the premium.

Inform the insurance company you will like the cover to start immediately. and request for them to email you a copy of the cover, just in case you are stopped and asked to produce insurance;

Also, remember to get the car taxed online

If you have used the online method to notify DVLA of the vehicle sale, then any existing tax on the vehicle will be removed immediately and the vehicle will now show as untaxed.

Here is a great article you can read up about all of the new Car Tax changes.

Again simply visit the online portal and purchase new car tax within a few minutes

2. Temporary Insurance

Similar to the above, however, if you are unwilling to commit to a new insurance policy straight away and want more time to get quotes then temporary cover is the perfect solution.

The cover can last for a little as a day which should be enough for you to get your car home safely.

Prices can vary due to the obvious variables such as the car you are insuring and your driving record etc, you will also eventually need to take out a full insurance policy when you have the car back home, therefore you need to factor this into the overall cost

This is also a great solution if someone other then you is going to collect the car on your behalf.

Again Its worth having quotes beforehand and following the method above when the purchase is complete

As above you will also need to tax the vehicle.

A Few temporary insurance companies you can use are

Some comparison websites also offer you the option to compare prices on the temporary cover, be sure to get a holistic picture on prices before selecting the best one.

3. Pay Someone You Know to Collect The Car For You

If you have a friend or know someone who may be available to do this for you, you could save a fair bit of money on transportation costs (see below).

Bare in mind, the driver will still need to be insured to drive the vehicle back home so temporary insurance may be a suitable option here.

Another way to do this is if you know someone who may have a traders policy which allows them to drive any car.

Please note the car will still need to be taxed before being driven.

4.  Hire a Local Tow Truck Driver

A method we have used in the past, we usually recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection on the car at the very least if you are unable to go and view it, we do not recommend buying cars sight unseen.

In order to bring it back, you can hire a local tow truck driver from a classified site such as Gumtree

These are usually self-employed people who own their own small tow truck offering their services out privately. They will usually charge you per mile they have to travel, so the further away the car is, the more it will cost.

The obvious downsides to this are that you are trusting someone who may not be part of a professional body to bring back a car you. It could also be an option to accompany the tow truck driver or send someone with the driver on your behalf.

You need to weigh this option against your time and availability, it may be worth the money doing this if you cannot get the time off work or have no other way of bringing the car home.

5. Transportation Company

Perhaps the most costly method, however, may suitable if you want to bring home a more valuable car securely.

If you are looking to spend £20,000 + on a new sports car than it’s probably a good idea to have a professional company look after this for you.

The majority of the transportation companies offer a professional fully insured service and can deliver the car on a time and location of your choice.

It would be worth getting quotes from a few companies before committing to one as prices can vary drastically.


The method you opt for will depend on your situation and availability. There are various options you can choose to suit your budget and there is nothing stopping you doing a ‘hybrid’ of all of these methods listed above.

The key takeaway is NOT to cut corners and drive illegally on the road to save a little bit of money, no car is worth the risk, the penalties are harsh and you could get your self disqualified or worse still end up in prison.

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