Here are our suggestions for some awesome products which will help you along your Car Flipping Journey.

These products are our personal favourites and have been hand picked, keep in mind however these items are not necessarily the highest-end items. Our aim here at Car Flipping 101 is to recommend items that are priced well, whilst still maintaining a high quality standard. This is the stuff we use.

If your going to take Car Flipping seriously (We Hope you are) then the items here will be a great addition to your tool kit.

Cutting corners by buying cheap inferior items can result in far more pain and grief than the extra couple of hundred pounds it would’ve cost to buy a superior product.


Documents & Checklists

Diagnostic Tools

diagnostic tool


Pressure Washer

Steam Cleaner

karcher steam claner

Paint Meter

paint meter

Examination Board

mechanic board

Tyre Tread Depth Guage

tyre tread depth