mechanic board

Examination Board

It’s imperative to examine a vehicle properly before you pull the trigger and decide to purchase it. One of the phases of the examination of the car should involve you looking underneath the vehicle for any obvious warning signs. The most obvious of these is leaking fluid be it oil or coolant along with signs of corrosion to exhaust and brake lines etc. All of which can require significant amounts of money to put right. This simple tool is a mobile mechanics floor mat, we always take ours out with us when we go to examine a vehicle, simply place it on the floor and it allows you to comfortably lie under the car and take a good look around. There have been times where we have found the car to be parked in dirt or it may be rainy outside and you simply don’t feel like getting on the floor, however this is exactly why you could end up losing thousands of pounds buying a bad car, if you had spent just spent a few moments to get under the car and notice the severe oil leak!

The one we use is called the Sealey VS8571 (Click for Current Price on Amazon) which you can pick up from Amazon, the great thing about this one is that it comes as set with a smaller mat which is perfect to use when kneeling down examining the lower portions of a car.